Renée Liefting

managing director

In 1987, Renée Liefting completed her Architecture course at the Amsterdam Institute of Technology. After working for the firm Elling bv for a few years, she started working for the architectengroep in 1991. She was involved in various utility and housing projects, and also held general positions within the architectengroep, such as the chair of Stichting architectengroep VDL and the chair of the management team. In mid-2003, she became the Deputy Manager of the architectengroep. Between 1 January 2005 and late 2008, she was the General Manager of Rijnboutt Van der Vossen Rijnboutt bv. On 1 January 2009, she became a co-director for the new Rijnboutt firm, created through the merger with CH & Partners. She combines her position as General Manager with working on and managing various projects.