Ślusarska 9 – office spaces


Revitalization of Krakow Zabłocie is not only the construction of new office and residential buildings, but also the revitalization of existing ones. One of them is the building of the „old school” located at Ślusarska 9. Revitalization includes both interior and facade of the building. This building is closing the internal patio created in part by the buildings of Museum of Modern Art (MOCAK). Decorated in gray and white colors museum buildings have become a guideline for the color of newly designed façade. Simple, clear facade with one characteristic accent in the form of text/logo distinguishes the object from the environment. The rhythm of windows reminds about its former factory purpose, but modern logo indicates its destiny of contemporary office. The building offers an elegant, industrial office space in historical context an artistic neighborhood.

Projekt Nr.:

K 1603


Katarzyna Bratek