Rijnboutt makes complex urban challenges simple and clear. Through an interdisciplinary approach and in open collaboration with our clients and stakeholders we are able to operate quickly and effectively. Our results are distinct.

/01/ Quality

The quality management system implemented by Rijnboutt is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and BRL 9990. All activities by Rijnboutt are subject to the procedures set out in this system. Rijnboutt produces an action plan for each contract in collaboration with the client. This usually happens in the initiation phase and the plan is finalised at the same time as the preliminary design. Quality, budget, time, organisation and communication are elaborated on in the plans produced for each project phase.

/02/ Cost management expertise

Our designers work closely with each other to ensure that a project is completed on budget. Drawing and calculations go hand in hand right from the outset of a project. This enables us to clearly set out the alternatives available. By assessing financial aspects at an early stage in each phase of the project and making adjustments where necessary, we save time and avoid any loss of quality. We are always open to alternatives that would be beneficial to project implementation and operating costs. Our project leaders are responsible for keeping price and quality on a tight rein. To guarantee objectivity, we always call upon the expertise of external building consultants.

/03/ Sustainability

Rijnboutt is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) and has taken part in the BREEAM-NL sounding board group for area development and sustainable urban development. Here at Rijnboutt, we have BREEAM-NL experts on new-builds and area development who advise us throughout the course of the design process. This enables us to manage and record aspects of sustainability of a building throughout the design, construction and management process, in accordance with the certified BREEAM-NL method.

/04/ Office Management

Together with Office Manager Paul Beijeman, Managing Director Reneé Liefting is responsible for all planning, contracts, cost monitoring and finances. One Board member will usually be responsible for the design and construction process in each project. Senior project coordinators support the Board and coach the other project coordinators. They also work with the quality coordinator to monitor quality and ensure that knowledge transfer between employees does actually take place.

/05/ BIM

Rijnboutt uses Building Information Modelling (BIM). This involves the storage of all information about a design in ArchiCAD in the form of a 3D model of the building in question. All cross-sections, floor plans and external walls are generated on the basis of this model. This three-dimensional interface significantly reduces the risk of mistakes compared with the traditional two-dimensional method. Information about functions, materials, sunlight, finishes and processing can be added to the model too. This makes it possible to generate interactive overviews and lists of measurements.

/06/ Planning and risk management

Rijnboutt is proactive in its approach to progress and risk management, which it achieves through organisational structures and processes geared towards the rapid pace required. We always ensure that assessment dates for consultations are scheduled with consultants, users and clients in each phase. Rijnboutt regularly organises workshops in which the current status of the project is discussed with everyone concerned. During these workshops, we take stock of risks and alternatives are chosen. These workshops accelerate the process, improve involvement and strengthen the sense of responsibility among all parties.